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Wedding videos have changed beyond words in the last few years. Here in Ireland, there is a thriving community of talented wedding filmmakers and I'm delighted to be a part of that. A wedding day is a unique chance to have all your closest family and friends with you and it may never happen quite like that, or with everyone involved again. Some of your loved ones might be older, some may live overseas, so taking the chance at a wedding to capture the sights and sounds of the day is one not to missed. I tell the story of the day, I'm the bird's eye view, the fly on the wall, the eyes and ears of the couple capturing what they will most likely miss, because the day goes by so quickly.

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Please fill in as many details as you can about your day, including the venues, the type of ceremony, who your photographer is, what kind of day you imagine, what's important to you. This information is really helpful so I can give you the most accurate quote I can.

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